What is Instant Music?

This project focuses upon capturing and presenting a live performance by the band Yo No Se, through recontextualising an archaic record production process. The immediacy of reproduction, when using primitive forms of audio capture such as direct to disc recording, allowed a listener to experience a finalised recording, moments after a performance had taken place.

Within this project, this phenomenon is referred to as Instant Music.

It has been noted during research that the production of collective recordings can take many months before a product reaches an audience. Instant music seeks to react against this standard by releasing a fully finished product to an artist’s fan base, online, immediately after the artist has performed it. Although traditional production methods used analogue formats such as wax cylinder, vinyl disk and magnetic tape to capture a performance; By recording directly to a digital stereo channel, the manufacturing and distribution times that are required to reach a broader audience are removed.

Producing a release using this process means that every aspect of the recording must be performed in unison (in the same way that a live concert is performed) whilst an engineer simultaneously mixes and masters the recording to two tracks in a DAW. This means that it is not only the artist that performs, as any adaptations that engineers make to a mix will be captured on the final recording.